Full Flu vaccination programs



Complete Response Solutions runs a Flu Vaccination Program from March to July each year when influenza is at its peak in Australia. Employers know how easily viruses can spread through their workforce, especially in industries with high levels of human contact as well as when environmental factors work against us. The World Health Organisation recommends annual vaccinations which are essential to combat the various strains of influenza which present each year.

·         25% reduction in the frequency of upper respiratory illnesses

·         43% reduction in absenteeism from work due to influenza related symptoms

·         36% reduction in absenteeism due to all illnesses

·         Cost benefit to employers is at least $25 per person vaccinated

·         It is not possible get influenza from the influenza vaccination within Australia, it is not a live vaccine

·         Within Australia, the Influenza vaccine is generally well tolerated and accepted. All immunisations have a very small risk of reaction, the most commonly documented reaction is soreness around the infection area, seldom fever and body aches


·         We strongly suggest the Influenza vaccine is not given to any individuals with a severe egg or egg product allergy

Event Medical Specialists

Complete Response Solutions (CRS) knows that your event requires a reliable, friendly, professional event medical service. CRS Medical and First Aid personnel are highly trained and experienced professionals in event medical care. CRS personnel provide professional medical cover for a large variety of high risk events in challenging locations throughout New South Wales and the ACT.  Complete Response Solutions are comprehensively insured. 

Sports Trainers

Complete Response Solutions now has the capacity to provide Sport Trainers and Physiotherapists to the NRL and other sporting codes as required. Sports Trainers are Level 1 and Level 2 qualified and are accredited with Sports Medicine Australia. Our qualified Sports Trainers are up to date on the latest advances in sports medicine best practice. We provide professional Sports Trainer services for first aid management of sporting injuries, spinal management and preventative sports taping.

First Aid courses

Complete Response Solutions provides First Aid Training in partnership with Allen Training across New South Wales and the ACT. We offer 4 options to assist you to complete your First Aid pre course study before attending your practical session with the Nurse or Paramedic trainer. 

These include: 

  • Face to Face training 
  • Online training 
  • A combination of Face to Face and Online 

Please contact us on 1300 277 247 to book into a course. 

What is the USI?

The Unique Student Identifier is a National Government initiative for all students from 1st January 2015. Your USI account will contain all of your nationally recognised training records and results completed from 1st January 2015 onwards. This will assist when you are commencing employment with a new employer or if you are commencing study with a new training